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This man moves MOUNTAINS for his clients.

This will be my second stellar review for Thomas Wohl since I have now worked with him across four real estate transactions. I first met him when I sold my first townhome in Durham/bought my second townhome in Raleigh, and now 4 years later, I have now sold my second townhome and purchased my third DREAM HOME with my husband in Holly Springs thanks to Thomas. He is so well connected to the real estate community that if you say "Thomas, this is THE ONE" he will magically get you that house. There's no such thing as a "tough market" when you've got Thomas by your side :) Also, as someone with virtually no construction/engineering experience, I have always relied on Thomas to lead me toward the right house. There were many times I'd walk into a house and say "IT'S PERFECT!" ....until I look at Thomas who is quickly able to point out all the things that would cause me issues in the future....he's like my real estate guardian angel! He is honest, hardworking, remarkably talented and I literally cannot speak more highly of him. Since meeting him, I have referred him to several of my closest friends who have all had similar experiences. If you're moving to the Triangle, and you get to work with Thomas, consider yourself lucky. You're in good hands.

Nicolette Ash

Thomas worked with my wife and I to find our first home and was extremely helpful throughout the entire home buying process.

At the outset, he took the time to sit down with us to learn what we were looking for, including all of our "must haves" and price range. He always made himself available to answer any questions we had. His background in construction was a valuable asset which enabled us to see the potential that we would not have otherwise seen in homes that needed some work. I would absolutely recommend Thomas to anyone for their real estate needs.

Bryan Cantley

If you are like me who consider buying a house a big step and something really important that you don't want to mess up, then Thomas is right for you.

Before reaching out to Thomas, my wife and I wanted to understand the market, one thing we observed was that every seller claimed their property is the best and we should hire someone from their own agency (or sometimes themselves) as our seller's agent because they (as they claimed) are the best in the market which usually contradicted their previous deals, presence or lacked references. So we realized it is very important for us first to find the right "person" who happens to be an "expert" in this domain, and after getting multiple referral's for Thomas from my office and very helpful reviews here as well we reached out to Thomas, and we are glad we didn't rush into making any decisions by ourselves. Thomas is an educator and spends time with you in identifying the property that you want and most importantly properties that you don't want. Thomas ensures that you understand the properties that you visit, things to look out for the good and the bad because at the end of the day you have to live there. By the end of this process, Thomas gets to know your likings, disliking, preferences, etc. and you yourself also identify your own preferences and qualities that you are looking for in a house. The reason I am writing it here because not many agents out there don't provide this kind of service to their clients and Thomas does not focus on getting any deal but on getting the "right deal". It may take some time but it is all worth it, so keep faith in Thomas he will get you the right home that you are looking for. Lastly, I do want to stress on the "under-contract" experience, Thomas has wonderful staff, in our case Ashley Pearce and Thomas himself helped us in making the process smooth and educated us at every step to ensure we are doing the right thing, at the right time and reaching out to the right people (e.g. mortgage, inspection, etc.)

Rohit Arora

Thomas has been an excellent resource for us throughout this crazy home-buying process.

Coming from out of state, he took the time to get to know us and recommended areas around the area for us that he felt would be a good fit for my family. Thomas has a breadth of knowledge and was able to adapt to our plans that changed about half-way through the process. Moreover, he has ample construction knowledge and was able to personally inspect the crawl spaces of the homes that we were interested in. Thomas found us a great house in an awesome area and he was able to help us through a somewhat complicated closing process. Lastly, Thomas has been a great resource for local knowledge when it comes to hiring cleaners, exterminators, etc.

Cindy Burke

We had an awesome experience with Thomas.

This is not the first time he has helped someone in the family purchase a home. Thomas was extremely responsive and helped us navigate the crazy market that we were unfamiliar with after moving from out of state. Thomas was with us every step of the way. He attended every meeting, showing, walkthrough, all the way through closing. He also helped answer any questions or concerns we had regarding builders, lenders, options and everything in between. I could count on Thomas answering any email, call, or text within minutes. His relationships with other professionals in the industry, his knowledge of the market, and his persistence was invaluable. I would never go through the process again without Thomas my side.

Eshan Safaya

Where do I even start?

Do you want a miracle worker!? Then Thomas is the one for you!! He…..IS……AMAZING!!! Whether you are buying or selling! He is VERY knowledgeable in both markets!! We have been blessed to be able to use his services in both entities! This was our second encounter with Thomas! Our paths crossed for the first time 11 years ago when he found our PERFECT home for us! This week he sold our home for over the asking price! It was under contract within HOURS! He went above and beyond to make sure that the house was ready to sell at the maximum amount! (Over!) He will also find our next PERFECT home! I, without a doubt, know that! He is patient, kind, FAIR and ALWAYS does the right thing!! For everyone involved! He has many, many resources for anything that you may need during the sale/purchase of your new home! Reach out to him! It will be one of the BEST decisions you will ever make! :)

Carl & Jenn Depo

Where to begin with Thomas.

He is a wealth of knowledge that you need on your side. One reason I chose Thomas was that he is a licensed General Contractor so when he would check on our new home, he knew what he was actually looking at versus what just looks nice. He educated us on the different joints in the house and why certain things are done a specific way with the flooring so we had more information. When we started our journey in July of 2020, we thought we could only afford townhomes. Thomas educated us on what is available and what price points some homes that he thought we would like after a brief phone call. That led us into this chaotic market that we have this year. I was scouring the listings trying to find new construction I liked and we went to one on a Tuesday that was available, 1,800 Sq ft for 367k. We loved it and met Thomas the next day to take a look at everything. He immediately said this isn't your house and these are the reasons why. Shortly after our meeting, he called and said he scheduled an appointment to walk our new house 2 days later, we needed to make it. This property was new construction, corner lot with a quarter acre of yard, and over 2,700 sq ft. for just 10k more than the other home, less than 5 miles away. We signed the paperwork that day, but stayed in touch with Thomas throughout the closing of the home. Even after closing, Thomas made sure to let us know that he is available to us whenever we have a question. As he said, his knowledge is available to us forever, not just until we closed on the home. Thomas found us this home even though I searched the listing sites and the development maps for the cities near Raleigh to see what was coming and where development was being done, for months. Thomas found the home we fell in love with. I thought I could do it alone, but having Thomas as the resource to guide us through the experience and direct us through the process was invaluable! I cannot stress how invaluable it is to have a Realtor that knows what he is doing, and Thomas is that guy. Our entire journey with Thomas took nearly a year to find the perfect home, at the price we wanted, when we wanted it, and he never pressured us to make a purchase before he knew it was the one.

Billy Whitehead

First time I am selling home, I have met multiple agents before talking to Thomas for listing my property.

Thomas local knowledge and way he explained demand of resale properties in the Area and stats and materials was impressive. He explained everything with me and my wife very clearly, he always thinks we as family for every decision. He is very professional in preparing house for staging, photography and coming soon adds to get house ready to market was on time with no delays as promised. Scheduling appointment visits for showings, updating offers information, inspections, appraisals till final walk thru was very professional. I would highly recommend Thomas for listing properties for better understanding of clients (your) expectation and giving correct suggestions. I got 12 offers for my home with in 2 days of listing my property for sale was amazing and unbelievable for me at least. I would only say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. It is good 35-40 days journey experience working with him. I would definitely work with him in future if I am back in this Area.

Sri Hari Ainumpudi

Because you're more than a realtor.

You care enough about your clients to get to know them and what they want but even more, what they actually NEED. You care enough not to sell them the first house that comes along that know they would buy but never be satisfied with because you put your clients above your own checkbook. Thomas you're the type of realtor that all realtors should aspire to be like. I feel so blessed that we had you for our realtor because we were desperate to find a house in a market where the standard rules do not apply. Yes even with the odds stacked against us in the Covid crazy market, you managed to do the impossible with this amazing find. You definitely set the bar my friend and I can personally say it was an honor working with such an amazing realtor that now I get to call friend too.

Jennifer Edwards

I cannot say enough good things about Thomas!

He made it so easy to sell my house as a first time seller and I never felt like I was worried or stressed. He was able to get my house sold before I even put it on the market and made sure I understood everything. If you're thinking about selling your house or buying a new house, I promise you cannot go wrong with having Thomas as your realtor. He was always responsive and made sure to keep me updated every step of the way. Thanks Thomas!!!

Soumya Kota

We met Thomas by chance when he was helping resolve my daughters home situation!

We just moved from NY and didn’t know anything about the process here in NC! He was very pleasant and very knowledgeable! He listened to what I was looking for And he knew exactly what kind of home I wanted and he found one! We are very grateful that we found him!

Lydia Sassano

Thomas sold me a home during a crazy market and was very patient with me.

He has a lot of good insights about the housing market and houses in general. Even after we purchased the home he’s still helping us with things that come up. I highly recommend him.

Christy Gaines

We have been through multiple purchases and sales with Thomas.

He has proven himself to be an expert on the market who ensures his clients needs are met. He distinguishes himself by always being present for critical meetings and takes personal ownership of any question that come up during the process. He is someone to trust and lean on for support through your purchase/sale!

Jared Delfft

I have had the pleasure of having Thomas Wohl in multiple roles.

One as a buyers agent, and one as sellers agent. We were on the lookout for a ranch home, in the attempt to downsize. He showed us homes which we had requested and even recommended some homes to us. We saw homes when it was pouring. Not the most ideal situation, BUT, it was also an opportunity of how the house responded to such weather. He guided us against situations that we could not comprehend, like a weakened foundation resulting is sloping first floors. He pointed out how to look for the good bones of the house and how to ignore cosmetic issues. This journey took us full six months. Thomas was there with us through the thick and thin!!!. We learnt a lot and finally we really got a home that we instantly fell in love with, (first sight). Thomas ensured that house was in good shape and our attempt/bid would be strategic and successful. We never fell into the trap of overbidding. As his experience came through, we were happy owners of a ranch house. Trust me you will never have a buyers remorse with Thomas in charge. In the selling process, we had to sell our old house. He did a extremely good job of handling all the check list items to be fulfilled before putting up the house for sale. Even guided us where put our staging funds by way of prioritizing the list. De personalizing the house, staging it, were some of the key elements. Using the state of the art LIDAR home mapping provided accurate home plans, and go to know the real square footage of the house. Photography and 3D Tour systems were perfect. We understood the dynamics of the market that we could expect from the sale. With due diligence compliance cost below 3.5K$, we had a very good deal. Like wise we never had a sellers remorse too

Shreeram Joshi

Thomas was an absolute pleasure to work with.

I had started looking for a new home due to some unexpected life changes and so finding a realtor who I could trust and rely on was most important to me. Thomas came with high recommendations from a friend and he has been amazing to work with. Knowledge of the market, honest advice, excellent negotiation skills, and just an overall positive and cheerful attitude were some of the things I appreciated the most and made the home buying experience less stressful. Ashley, Thomas's assistant was also wonderful to work with. The reminders and links for next steps and quick responses when I had questions are much appreciated. Highly recommend Thomas to help you find the right home for you

Beena John

I had a very specific home in mind and no urgent need to move.

Thomas was tireless at showing me houses (maybe 1 a week for about 2 years) until I was able to zero in on a house that would really meet my needs. He never pushed for a decision and frequently told me that he didn't think a specific house would be a good choice for me due to maintenance issues I just can't spot. He has deep knowledge of home construction and systems so he could also help me estimate the cost of renovations. I can't recommend him strongly enough.

Sarah Rodger

Thomas is a top-notch realtor.

Gave his input on how to prepare for sale, and then coordinated on our decisions. His take on the pulse of the market was instrumental in proper pricing and marketing to make for a happy the sale. He was there for all questions and assistance through the closing process. We highly recommend him!

Dave Ruden

My wife and I can't say enough great things about Thomas!

! Having helped two of our close friends find their first home, we reached out to Thomas to start looking for ours. Buying a house for the first time is a complicated and stressful affair, especially in a market as popular as Raleigh. Thomas not only walked us through the process in detail but was patient, kind, communicative, and extremely honest. We appreciate that. As we toured homes, Thomas made a point to show us potential problems and poor construction that we would have never noticed. At no point did we feel like Thomas was just trying to ‘make the sale’, he cared about us, and he cared about finding our dream home, no matter how long it took. I am typing this review now in our new home, having only moved in a week ago, and we couldn’t be happier! Thank you again Thomas, you’re the man!

Ethan Bartlett

My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about Thomas Wohl.

He’s everything you can hope for in a realtor. He’s extremely professional (always on-time, thorough, prompt / good with communication), and most importantly, we always, always felt like he had our best interests at heart. He was truly helping us find the perfect house for us, and not whatever would get him paid the most, paid the fastest, or the style of house he prefers. He was extremely diligent about each property we looked at, going into crawlspaces and attics while wearing his suit, in early summer heat. He was quick to respond to any questions we had and encouraged us to ask them no matter how small or silly they seemed. We never once felt hurried, like he needed to rush to another appointment/showing, even though we know he worked with many other clients. When it came time to discuss offers, he was never pushy. In fact, he was usually the voice arguing caution and patience. When we did find a home we all loved, we seemingly made the perfect offer – competitive on price, and a clean contract that helped the sellers choose our offer over others. And at the closing, when we got caught up in the moment and forgot to get a photo of ourselves signing the paperwork, you can bet that Thomas made sure we took a moment to get one. Buying a house can be overwhelming, especially in the current market. Thomas had our backs every step of the way. Thank you, Thomas, for helping us find our dream home!

Sarah Luxion

Thomas is a trusted, highly knowledgable, patient and a good listener which are essentially the skillsets you need to be the best realtor, a buyer would like to have.

For over 4 months, Thomas helped us guide through the home buying process in Cary area which ultimately lead to our dream home. His construction background allow him to provide insights in the general condition of the house during the walkthrough. Furthermore, he has great negotiation skills to provide the best value for the buyer. He is great a building relationships and I consider him as the best in the industry. East or West, Thomas is the best!!

Rahul Parab

Easily a 5 star review and one of the worst home buying experiences of my life.

How can that be possible, you ask? Well, what started out as a very smooth and ordinary home buying transaction turned into a roller coaster ride due to COVID-19. Thomas was helping us with selling our home and purchasing a new home, while we were trying to coordinate the logistics with two toddlers, work and a new way of life to navigate. Thomas sold our home with ease and for a great price with competing offers. He also helped us secure our dream home, which also had competing offers. The recent market trends were not very favorable to our lending process, which required tremendous patience. Needless to say, Thomas was working magic behind the scenes with every update and coordinated the project as smooth as one could hope for. Truly, a miracle worker. I would love to work with Thomas again, not only because he is knowledgeable and adaptive to the market, but he is also very pleasant to work with and has a great sense of humor. Unfortunately for Thomas, he found our 'forever' home, which means we will not need his services for a long time. My hope here is that he came make YOUR home buying dreams come true!

John Resendes
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